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Hydra Island

Hydra is an island in the Saronic Gulf. It is an extremely picturesque, manorial and cosmopolitan island.

Hydra Island

Is one of the most elegant greek islands, an exemplar of architecture and aesthetics, with long history and rich heritage.

The old stone mansions (like Douskos Port House), the picturesque waterfront (that you can enjoy from the hotel’s rooftop), the absence of vehicles, the narrow alleys and the donkeys walking around set the scene of an island fairytale.

Hydra’s proximity to Athens along with the cars ban and the colorful palette of beauty in all aspects has turned the island throughout time into a beloved artists destination and retreat for renown international talents. Painters, photographers, sculptors, musiciens exhibit their projects, events and art works throughout summer.

Hydra is furthermore the hiker’s paradise since there are about 80 km of trails that stretch across the island, old footpaths and mule trails offering access to natural sites, monasteries, chapels, beaches with clear crystal waters and amazing views to the sea.

The team of the reception desk at Douskos Port House will be happy to inform you about Hydra’s art scene and every kind of activity available.

Facts and history...

  • Although the island’s name derives from natural springs known to the Ancient Greeks (Hydrea means water), it is now almost dry.

  • In the 18th and 19th centuries, shipping brought prosperity to the island with its vessels trading as far as France, Spain and even the Americas.

  • Hydra’s contribution to the Greek war of Independence of 150 ships against the Ottoman empire in 1821 played a critical role in the country’s history. The cannons, one can see along the harbour, protected the settlement of Hydra back at those times.

  • Rubbish trucks are the only motor vehicles on the island. Horses, mules, donkeys and taxi boats provide public transportation.

  • The world’s oldest continuously operating merchant marine academy, since 1749, can be seen right opposite from Douskos Port House hotel.


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